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Greetings and salutations,

And welcome to the first major update of ChrisStevensSite.com! As I plan to put several ideas of mine into motion for the final three quarters of 2012 and beyond, I thank you for visiting this website to learn more about me and the businesses and services I will be providing as well as some thoughts on music, sports and current events that I will share periodically.

You can find out more about me in the “About Chris” section, learn about my professional experience on the resume page, get a sample of what I’ve done and can do on “Work samples”, and inquire about my social media and freelance writing services on the business page. Oh yes, and if you’re curious about my thoughts on music, sports, cars and more, there’s the blog page.

As I try to get my business interests off the ground and sustain costs, it would be a huge help and greatly appreciated if you could donate something to Stevens Communications and Consulting at our PayPal account.

Thank you again for visiting ChrisStevensSite.com and I hope you stay a while.

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