Sundress Month: Everybody Wins

June – the first official month of Summer – is upon us. There are many rituals that accompany this time of year that make the hotter months of the year special. Ice cream, water ice, baseball, barbecues, etc.

Hopefully, there will be a new summer tradition added to the list of Summer’s good times – Sundress Month. Co-created by sports talk radio host Bomani Jones and rising spoken word artist Johnathan Tillman, Sundress Month is a movement dedicated to the sheer beauty of women who can rock that warm weather dress so confidently with mass sex appeal.

There is honestly nothing better than a woman with a sundress on, heels and/or sandals, the lip gloss a-poppin’, walking down the street, straight ahead, head up with tunnel vision, proud and confident, knowing that she has the attention of every straight man that passes her on the way to wherever she is going.

Tillman and Jones both agreed on Twitter one day that there should be an entire month dedicated to the beauty of women in these amazing outfits, and lo and behold – a movement was born. The Twitter hashtag #Sundressmonth is steadily rising up the trending topic charts and men and women from all over these United States are lending their support to this new holiday.

I figure I should add my two cents and explain what Sundress Month is all about, and it’s fairly simple. Ladies, Sundress Month is about YOU. Your beauty, your confidence, your ability to earn the stares, nods, smiles and attention of every man you leave in your beautiful wake. This isn’t restricted – any shape, any size, any color – ALL women are welcome to show off in their sundresses. As Mr. Tillman said to a woman inquiring about the rules for this holiday – “Be beautiful.”

If you feel so inclined to show off your beauty, Twitpic a picture of you in your sundress with the hashtag #SundressMonth and bask in the compliments that you will receive.

Also, BlackSportsOnline CEO Robert Littal has set up a website just for you to post your pictures of you in your sundressed best.

So consider this blog post as encouragement, rather than a public service announcement. There are men who appreciate a confident and sexy woman who can wear a sundress and not have a doubt in her mind that she’s got it going on. That’s why the month of June is just for you – as designated by the #SundressMonth board of trustees.

Enjoy, Ladies.

You can follow Johnathan Tillman (@thetillshow) and Bomani Jones (@bomani_jones) on Twitter. Wait, I also have one, too (@CJStarchild).


4 thoughts on “Sundress Month: Everybody Wins

  1. Nailed it. I’ve yet to see a woman who does NOT look good in a sundress. It is a game-changer. Ladies, INVEST!!

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