So…I’m going to try this internet radio thing…

I listen to talk radio a lot these days (The Morning Jones and HBCU Digest Radio are two of my favorites) and I often ask myself, “Why can’t I give it a shot?”

So after speaking with Jarrett Carter, Sr. (the Digest’s founder and editor), who was kind enough to give me a quick tutorial over the phone, my plan is to hit the internet airwaves Wednesday January 5, 2011.

Do I have a title? No. Do I have a plan? Sort of – the show will be two hours one night a week (unless I have sponsors and demand for more shows) and hopefully a variety of subjects will be covered in those two hours. You’ll be able to call in with your opinion and follow along via Twitter and the BlogTalkRadio chatrooms.

More details will come as they are available, but I just wanted to let you all know that these velvety vocal chords will be hitting your speakers soon.


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