Springing into action with New Jack Swing

Well, this is more of an announcement than a blog post, but lend me your ears (or eyes, as it were).

I love New Jack Swing – the music, the movies, the cars, clothes, styles, all of it – and I’m not alone. As I prepare for my 30th birthday this fall, I realize that New Jack Swing was a brief but exciting era that included of hip-hop beats with R&B soul, Cross Colours, doobies, flat tops, box Nissan Maximas, and other assorted goodies.

I want to spend much of this spring talking about New Jack Swing on this blog, but as I’ve recently accepted a new job in my home state of Delaware, life just got super busy for me. Yet and still I’m down to make New Jack Spring the best project it can be. So I need some help. If you have memories, thoughts, opinions, comments, whatever on that era, I’d love to feature them in blog posts that will go from hopefully April 25th to May 31st.

So if you’re down, e-mail me at chris.stevens2007@gmail.com, leave a comment in this post, or if you’re following me on twitter, hit me with an @ mention @CJStarchild or DM me there if you like. With your help this could be absolutely tremendous. Let’s get it.


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