An Overdue Update

I wish I could make excuses aside from work and a dead car to explain my blogging absence, but those are the two reasons – the hustle and being on the look out for a car. Either or, I’d like to update you on what’s going on and then hopefully I’ll get back in the swing of things this summer.

The New Jack Spring Project never got off the ground because if you recall I was in the middle of moving and starting a new job, but in 2012 that’s going down. I’m still accepting assistance with that, so if you want to help with your memories and knowledge of the New Jack Swing era, hit me at

The major project in my life right now is a book covering the history of athletics at my Alma Mater, Delaware State University. I’m looking forward to a meeting with the DSU sports information director soon and after that, the wheels will really begin to turn. I have a Twitter account for that (Follow @DelStSportsBook) and an e-mail address ( set up, so if any Hornets want to help me out, you have two outlets to reach me at. I hope this book can reach far, but more than anything, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, not to get rich off of, but if that happens with future projects, I’m going to take that blessing with a smile. In the meantime, as LL Cool J said on “4, 3, 2, 1,” “This one’s for fun.”

And that’s pretty much all I feel comfortable writing, but I promise more will come in the future, as well as with the radio show (which I’ll be experimenting with hour-long shows this month), so stay with me. We’re still trying to make moves.


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