A new era

If you’re a devoted visitor of this site, clearly you’ve noticed quite a few changes, and I thank you for all the times you guys have read my blog posts.

Today however, I open this site up to the public even further with a bit of a grand tour. Let me show you around the place.

First things first, you’ll notice the URL change upon your visit. Yes, This is just ChrisStevensSite.com now. WordPress still is the template, and they allow you to do so many great things, like spend some change to take wordpress out of the URL.

Next up,the layout, the layout, the layout. I agonized over five or six choices for a while leading up to this re-launch and I chose this one because I liked the look of it and red’s my favorite color. Easy choice actually.

You’ll also notice the blog posts are no longer the homepage. I have a nice, neat greeting as the homepage welcoming visitors to the site. We also have two new pages on this site, Chris’ Corner which is where the blogs will go and *drum roll* the Chris For Hire page.

That page is the most important to me right now as today marks the launch of Chris Stevens the freelance writer, the social media consultant and manager, the media resources person – basically being the boss of my own business. As of today, I’m opening up shop to all interested companies and organizations who are interested in my services.

This is just Step One, as I plan to add some small things in the coming days, weeks and months, but as of now, welcome to the new and improved ChrisStevensSite.com. Hope you decide to stay a while – we’ve got some good stuff coming.


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