Virtual Garage Dreams


I wouldn’t consider this a little-known fact about me since I’ve blogged in the past on this subject, but I really am a car/truck/bus/train nut and slowly starting to warm up to motorcycles (although you’ll never catch me on one).Image

1957 Corvette


But I’m absolutely down for anything with wheels and while it was always my lifelong dream to collect cars for kicks, the probability of my wish list coming true is slimmer than an Olsen twin…at least in legit automotive form.


1971 Datsun 240-Z


Recently, I’ve taken to picking up scale models of some of the great cars in history and while my collection is JUST getting started, I still hope to make this a hobby that I can enjoy for years to come.


1967 Mustang Fastback


As I finally go back to the letter I wrote myself back in December after an absolutely horrendous first four months of 2012, I’m reminded of that whole passage about doing things that make me happy and take my mind off of my troubles. And without any question, all things wheels makes me happy. I would like to eventually start contributing to classic car and auto mags at some point in the future, but I’ve had to focus on finishing work strong and getting this business and book started, all of which are still works in progress.

In the meantime, whenever I find a die-cast model or old Hot Wheels/Matchbox special, I’m quick to buy if I have it because I’m really excited to try and build something big, something interesting and something that makes me smile.


1971 Buick Riviera – boat-tail swag!


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