An exercise update

There is always something small or big when trying to lose weight that encourages you to keep on the right path.

As I got ready to take a shower before I hit the streets for my evening walk (about 2 to 3 miles round-trip in distance), I looked in the bathroom mirror and almost didn’t recognize the body of the dude standing on the other side of the glass.

My face. I never really accepted compliments about my smile because a bunch of chub hides it in my opinion. I couldn’t even deny how pronounced my wide grin was as it spread across my face.

The chest and stomach areas, always a point of sensitivity for me, looked to be reduced,  in a lot of areas that gave me some sort of toning and certainly led my workout clothes falling off my body.

These are the moments that I work for and now that I’m starting to see the benefits of walking two times a day, cutting out a lot of unhealthy foods and subbing more reasonable ones, I really feel like I’m winning in some respects.

As I’ve stated before in this blog and pretty much to anyone who would listen, weight has always been one of the main factors in me feeling less than great about myself. Now that I can look at myself in the mirror sans clothing without shame, this is a big step for me in the right direction.

I had a feeling if I dedicated myself to this routine, put my blinders on and go to work that the results would come eventually, and about 35-40 pounds later, they’re starting to show themselves.  It’s up to me now to keep working and keep going.

After yesterday’s revelation, I have all the reasoning in the world to do so.


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