The Love Of Learning

It’s always good to learn something new in life and while I wasn’t a complete stranger to the greatness of Bob Marley, this RockDocs on VH1 right now, simply titled “Marley” is a great look at the at the life and legend of the man who arguably created reggae and Jamaica’s premier ambassador.

It’s always amazing to pick up knowledge about things that you may not have known before or known little about. To me, you can never have enough knowledge. Clearly you don’t have to beat people over the head with said knowledge, but it enhances conversation for sure.

I’ll never forget during my college days, a great professor, Yohuru Williams told me “Never be ashamed to know anything” after I had earned an A grade in his notoriously tough African-American Experience course and that stuck with me from April of 2003 to as I write this post. No one likes a know-it-all, but there’s no shame in learning and sharing that knowledge with others.

So as I watch Marley and learn more about the man aside from his music, Dr. Williams’ words stick with me as I think I have a new genre of music to enjoy.


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