Do What You Like

As I close in on my 31st birthday (51 days and counting), I’m reflecting on how tumultuous my trip into my 30s has been, but as I start to chart my own course professionally, hopefully soon I’ll be able to pick up some hobbies which the constraints of my journalism career didn’t allow me to pursue. Some things I enjoy probably aren’t your typical hobbies and pursuits, but I know what makes me happy and what I’d like to achieve and have, so I’d like to share some of those things if you don’t mind.

Mind you, these are the ones I’d like to make happen the most, and probably within the next year or so, so next summer, I’ll be revisiting this list, Lord willing. Starting with:

Buy an older car as a resto project or in drivable condition.

I’m a gearhead, wild about wheels, crazy for cruising, whatever you want to call it. As my current car (a ’99 Dodge Stratus) isn’t bad, I’d still like to own a classic car just to say I have one. This beauty is at the top of my list:


I’ve always been a Volkswagen fan (I’ll probably blog about my passion for the original Beetle at some point during this challenge) and the VW Bus is the perfect representation of freedom to me. Just pack up what you need and roll out. So ideally, I’d like to find one in drivable condition and just work on it personalizing it and keeping it sharp over time. if anybody knows of one for sale in the Delaware/PA/Jersey area, my e-mail is in the Chris For Hire section.

Learn to play keyboards.


I’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument and I always remembered Philly music legend Thom Bell saying in a book about the history of Philly International Records that his mom said if you could play piano you could play any instrument, so I’d like to find a keyboard and just play for kicks. Maybe even write some songs for fun. I always imagine myself playing for an attentive audience at intimate gathers and get a standing ovation. With my eyes closed. I’m still kinda shy after all.

Keep my weight below 300 pounds.

I wanted to get there by my 31st birthday, it’s looking tough, but I’m closer to the goal than I was at the beginning of the year when I probably weight 350-360 pounds. I was 317 back in June (first time publicly acknowledging my weight this way, so please don’t use it against me) but my scale broke, so I just decided to say screw it and weigh myself on my actual birthday, which is September 25th. If I don’t make it happen by then, I’m sure it’ll be there by next summer which is fine by me.

Do some traveling/sight-seeing.

I can honestly say I’ve only been a handful of places that might be of some interest in conversation in my life and I want to change that. Looks like first up will be Norfolk in the Spring of 2013 (business, but still gonna walk around) but I want to see New Orleans and other parts of the South that could eventually become home for me. I SHOULD start with New York since I’ve lived 2 1/2 hours away my whole life and never been, but we shall see. I also want to get to the Basketball, Baseball and Football Halls of Fame.

Try to be social.

This really shouldn’t be hard, but as I’m struggling with depression and other problems, I never really have opened myself up to approaching women and/or going somewhere where I didn’t know anyone. So hopefully as I find a solution to my mental and emotional woes, it’ll be easier to make friends and date and have the intimate/physical life I so desire. That’s all I’m gonna say here, LOL.

So what are some things you hope to achieve and acquire in the near future?


One thought on “Do What You Like

  1. This is a good list, and seems attainable. 2 things I hope to achieve very soon is to take a class and start working as a make up artist. And also to travel. I haven’t taken a real vacation since 2010 and I’m long over due for some beach time. I plan to get back to Destin at the end of the year.
    Good post, and good luck 🙂

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