One step back to go forward

As I sit here preparing for my first official business move/transaction with my first client in about 3 hours, I’m thinking about where I was a year ago and how frustrated I was starting to get with the newspaper industry as a whole.

This time last year I was stressed, annoyed, angry, frustrated and running around like the proverbial headless chicken alerting local high school coaches that I was the new guy on the beat and the whole I-know-you-still-have-to-have-tryouts-but-I-need-to-know-who-your-key-players-are thing was driving me crazy.

Things didn’t get any better and as I took the last week of 2011 off for vacation, I returned in 2012 to virtual insanity that I never caught up from and decided that if I could survive through the end of spring sports, which was the first or second weekend in June, that I was gone.

My job certainly didn’t make it easy for me. I was responsible for three territories in a six-newspaper group, which often meant writing sometimes for territories that weren’t mine because high schools from different areas played each other (it is Delaware after all) and then the city editor moved up to executive editor and his attitude got worse and worse. Somehow I survived. I saved up enough money to take care of bills through at least the end of this year/beginning of next and said I wanted to go into business for myself.

Almost 7 weeks later, I have my first official client for my social media/writing/editing business and I also have an agreement to do some freelance writing for some folks, so I’m excited about what the future holds. I am concerned that the work might slow up and dry up altogether, but I can’t WORRY about it. I have to work on keeping the money coming by writing, managing businesses’ Facebook pages, working with folks trying to get their businesses wider audiences, etc.

One thing is certain – I look back where I was a year ago and where I am now, and I’m not sure I’d go back to stressing over coaches telling me to come back when they’ve picked a team and that not being good enough for my bosses. I had to take a step backward to try and get myself going forward again and right now, I’m okay with that. It’s up to me to keep pushing from this point on.


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