Music And Me

I think it’s been stated before how much I love music and how I apply it to my life on so many levels. Anybody who listens to my podcasts, keeps up with me on social media and talks to me knows that as long as I can hear music, I’ll have a reason to be happy.

I don’t think I’ve ever shared the story of how my musical tastes and interests were shaped, so if you’re interested, read on.

I grew up in a fairly musical household at a time when genres could co-exist in the same house. The only boy in a house of three women, I could stay in my mom’s room and listen to EVERYTHING. Philly soul, Motown, Stax, my mom’s record collection was NUTS. Sadly, when I was 14 and we moved to a house around the corner, somebody stole what had to be about 35-40 years of music and I don’t think Mom has ever gotten over it. And I don’t blame her.

When I wanted to listen to something a little more current, I went into my older sister’s room. This was the mid-80s, so Hip Hop was entering the Golden Age, New Edition was hot and my sister was a huge Purple Rain fan, so that kept young me up to date on what the bigger kids were listening to.

Then if I felt like giggling at my grandma, I’d sneak by her door and watch her listen to James Brown. The Godfather of Soul was her guy, make no mistakes about it. Between “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag,” “I feel good” and “Super Bad,” my grandma was never in a bad mood when James Brown was on her record player.

That helped me have a frame of reference, but when I started public school in 4th grade (90-91, yes I’m old), my eyes got opened to even more music because of what my classmates and newfound friends were listening to at that time. I kinda forgot about the older stuff and started falling in line with whatever was hot at the time. That lasted at least a good 11, 12 years until I got my own PC during Spring semester of ‘03 at college. I was back in the old groove thanks to a good connect *cough cough* Kazaa *cough*, but it was really the summer of 2004 that I really started research full albums, stories behind songs and albums and got into the behind the music aspect of things.

I had nothing else going on that summer (I got fired from a temp job that I didn’t even want and we just waiting to go back to school) so I just became a student of music for one full summer. And damn it, it was FUN. I just continued to seek out songs, albums, stories, compared albums and really that’s all I’ve done with music for the last eight years of my life.

It’s still kind of humbling and embarrassing when people will Tweet me or ask me “Chris, I KNOW you know this one but I can’t find the name of the song or artist.” I usually have the answer, they’re amazed and I’m bashful with it. I really don’t flaunt it because I don’t like to come off as better than. Whenever I talk music, it’s strictly from an enthusiastic standpoint. Not because I think I’m better than anyone – I legit just love music. Simple and plain.

So if you see somebody on Twitter call me the Based Music God, now you know the story. And hopefully like a good song, it kept your attention and didn’t make you hit the skip button.


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