Random Thoughts, or “Halfway through the challenge and I’m reaching”

I think I’m just going to share some random thoughts with you all. Some you might find funny, some you might find deep. Maybe one or two better kept to myself, but I’ll get back to posting real stuff tomorrow. Right now I just can’t think of anything. Except random thoughts, so here goes.

This election season is going to be as nasty as it can get. The funny thing is November 6 isn’t exactly that far away. Before you know it, folks will be in front of their computers, phones, tablets and TVs figuring out who won what. But before then, a lot of mudslinging is going DOWN, Jack.

If there’s one side effect to exercising and losing weight…it’s increased sex drive. I mean I was already thinking about it regularly, but now I can’t keep my mind off of it now that the weight is coming off and I feel somewhat better about myself. The next woman is in for a treat.

I really want to ask the people who own that old VW Beetle I referenced in my post yesterday how much do they want for it. It’s just sitting there, grass growing around it and in need of love, affection and regular driving. Told y’all it was a love affair.

Marvin Gaye didn’t even intend for “Got to give it up” to be anything other than him fooling around in the studio with his friends and musicians. That’s why it’s such a JAM because it is basically a recorded jam session. Kudos to his engineer Art Stewart for sneaking that recording in.

I wish the battle of the sexes on Twitter had a peaceful resolution…like everybody in bed with who they want to be in bed with. Was that two sex-related thoughts? Damn. I’m sorry.

My older sister said she was gonna corner my mom into a doctor’s appointment and her retort was that “Chris been walking around with a broken foot for 6 months and he hasn’t been to the doctor!” Actually, it’s closer to 9 Mom, but I’m walking!

It does wonders when people believe in your vision, support your vision and back it up. I know the hustle is gonna be hard and there might be a lean period or two, but this is what I want.

I still jump up and dunk street signs when I walk just like when I was a kid. I always was a 6‘6 swingman in my head. It was funny when I reconnected with an old classmate on Facebook a while back and she said “I remember you used to shoot baskets and dunk the hallways in school!” I said “I still do that.” Hilarious.

I can’t wait for Fall. I maintain that Fall mornings are the most beautiful part of the year and now that I’m walking regularly, I’m just gonna take it all in and enjoy every second of it.


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts, or “Halfway through the challenge and I’m reaching”

  1. Your foot isnt literally broken right? Go ahead and talk those owners into selling you that Beetle. Im sure with time and love that car will surely be awesome. They are truly the best cars around. BTW, Good Morning to Chris!

  2. Ha! You weren’t kidding when you said random huh? But it was a good read.
Unfortunately I would have to let you know that I don’t too much care for Beetle *don’t shoot me*
I had a ”You learn something new everyday” moment. I did not know about Got to give it up being a jam session song. I LOVE that song. It’s such a feel good song, like you just want to hang with your closest friends and family and dance all night kinda song. Have you heard the Aaliyah remake? It’s nice too.
2 sex references? That’s it? LOL…just playing. You’re forgiven.

    Oh and I don’t think I knew about the broken foot. Care to share that story or a link if you’ve already talked about it?
    I tried to respond to all of your randomosity (it’s a word) I probably didn’t do as good a job as you though.

    Keep writing!!!

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