The Home Stretch

This past Tuesday meant that I was six weeks away from my 31st birthday, and closer to the day of reckoning in terms of these lifestyle changes I’ve been making. I gave myself until my birthday (September 25 for those that care) to meet my first and most important weight loss goal – to get under 300 pounds and STAY under.

I didn’t get on a scale at first until Feb. 29, but I’m quite sure I started 2012 at or above 360 pounds. As of late June, I was down to 317 before my scale broke and kept giving me a reading of 260, and there was no way I had lost 55-60 pounds that fast, so I decided to junk it until I can find a better scale by 09/25 and then weigh myself the morning of.

This week I started doing more stretches and home exercises as well as keeping a food diary as suggested by someone on Twitter and so far, so good. I decided to cut back on portions, drink more water and continue to rely on fruit as a snack and I’ve added some slight jogging to my walks. It’s gonna be interesting to see what the numbers say, but I already feel pretty good about what I’m doing and how my body is shaping up.

The biggest thing for me is too prepare myself for whatever the results are. If I miss it, still have to work. If I make it, still have to work. But even though numbers are overrated to many, I won’t lie, I’ve long felt a stigma about being over 300 pounds that has played a huge part in how I feel about myself. I think my weight starting with a 2 would go a long way to me accepting my size and not feeling like crap.

Yet and still, I think I’ve developed some healthy habits that I can maintain and continue to get healthier and feel better about myself as time goes on. So it’s just the home stretch for one goal, but it’s just the beginning of an entire lifestyle change.


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