Todd Akin’s comments must spark urgency in everyone

I really could not believe what was floating around the media-sphere yesterday in regards to what Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin said about sexual assault and pregnancy yesterday.

In case you missed it or still don’t believe it, Akin said (stating his opposition for abortion) that women rarely get pregnant from something called “legitimate rape” and that women’s bodies have “ways to shut that thing down.” Aside from obviously never taking a sex education class, Akin’s comments were disrespectful, irresponsible and sadly, an echoed view of women by the Republican party and men of all political viewpoints.

It becomes clearer with each passing sound bite and legislation that most politicians view women as subhuman and their constituency inexplicably backs them up.  What most of these men don’t understand is that for every bill, every comment and every court decision against women, it makes life worse for everyone. If men can put aside the need to be dominant/right/all knowing/powerful for a second, it would behoove us all to understand that women are indeed humans like the rest of us.

There’s no way to defend rape and denying a woman’s choice. NONE. Yet and still, the Republican party and to keep it 100, quite a few Democrats find ways to enact legislation that clearly trivializes the existence of what we consider to be the fairer sex. I honestly didn’t figure out how bad it was until the recent push for universal health care by President Barack Obama.

When birth control and a woman’s right to choose whether to go through with a pregnancy or not was brought up, you found just HOW archaic the views of these elected officials are and how serious and deep their back issues with women are. That got me to take notice. It’s not even speaking from a viewpoint of sympathy or kissing up, it’s just common sense. Takes two to make a baby, so why aren’t we forced to sterilize ourselves? Oh, that’s right. We’re men. We can do whatever we want. Women, just fall in line. We run this world and we let you live in it. Lucky you.

Rep. Akin’s comments (yes, he’s already Mizzou’s U.S. House rep) are not the first shocking comments to be made by an elected official, nor are they the first to be made by a man in general. However, it’s troubling that people seem to think that these statements are okay or should be given a pass because of age, regional upbringing or any other stupid reason for not having an open mind or compassion. There is NO conscionable way to continue this war against women.

And for those of us who aren’t in politics, us regular Joes who seem to still benefit from this misogynistic viewpoint, the solution is simple – we have to do better. All of us. I, as a man have to do better. The dude who works for Delmarva Power that reads meters on my block has to do better. The asshole in the inspection lane I’ll probably encounter at the DMV tomorrow has to do better. We ALL have to do better. We live with women every day – our mothers/grandmothers, aunts/cousins, sisters/nieces, spouses/lovers/friends. They’re there. And it’s our job to lend support and protection when and where is it needed. This is definitely a need here. It’s a have-to as a matter of fact.

Todd Akin’s comments really have to spark a sense of urgency in everyone man and woman because he’s not alone in his thinking and he’s not alone in running for public office. Just imagine how much worse things would get for women if people of that ilk continue to run rampant in Washington.

Certainly, a legitimate concern for us all.


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