Cool As A Fan

I can honestly say it’s been at least 11 years since I’ve had a football season to just watch games and not have to worry about interviewing coaches and players and putting together a story for said games.

And that’s not to say I won’t ever do it again (Matter of fact, many thanks in advance to Jarrett Carter and HBCU Digest for tapping me to cover the Lincoln-Cheyney game September 1), but this is going to be the first fall since 2001 that I will get to just be a football fan without professional obligations for the most part. I loved my 10 years as a sports writer (5 in college, 5 as a professional), but this Fall, I’m definitely excited about just being a fan for the first time since my late teens/early 20s.

I’m looking forward to getting up on a Saturday morning, driving to a random game, filling up on hot chocolate and watching the high school kids go for what they know. I’m looking forward to Delaware State’s homecoming on October 20th, to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances AFTER the Hornets handle North Carolina A&T. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing who will win Super Bowl XLVII in February.

There’s something about football and Fall together that just seems right. I wish I could explain it, but Saturday mornings in the Fall are the most beautiful of the year without question and then you combine that with the hustle, grit, determination and desire of American football, which might be this country’s most popular sport. A “Beauty and the Beast” situation if you will.

Football is definitely my favorite sport to watch, has been since I was a kid. I don’t think I can turn off analyzing the game because I was doing that long before I started covering sports. I love talking about sports and certain aspects of the game that might bore the casual fan or excite a fellow sports fan like me. So I’ll probably be that guy on Facebook asking my friends from this area who they think will win the Division I and Division II state championships this year. Just can’t help it.


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