Random Thoughts Part II

Not one topic comes to mind tonight that I can put together intelligibly tonight, so I’m going back to the random thoughts well. Just six more days.

I’m on Instagram now, so follow me at StarchildGroovin. On the advice of a follower, I did take a pic before I left for my walk tonight so I wouldn’t “look like a creeper.” I’m hoping that my Instagram will be some super random shots of me, but mainly pics of interesting things I come across in travels. Like if I can sneak photos of classic cars, expect PLENTY of those.

I went to a friend’s campaign breakfast early this morning and it was good to talk to some folks and see my boy express his platform for office over bacon, biscuits and grits. Everyone in the church looked at me funny when I poured sugar in my grits. I think the mother of the church prayed for me on the spot. But whatever. You say no to sugar grits, Chris Stevens can’t.

I am officially one month away from my 31st birthday. What am I going to do? Probably nothing. I’m not in a position to go on a trip and I’m not a party person, so the next best thing is to be thankful and look ahead. I do accept cards, money and MMS for anybody who cares.

The Herbie Hancock “Head Hunters” album got me wanting to do an instrumental album. That might be a goal of mine to add to the list. Get a keyboard, learn how to play keyboard, use all the instruments on said keyboard and make an album. That’s a goal for the next 365.

Looking forward to covering my first college football game in six years next Saturday. I’m at Lincoln/Cheyney for HBCUDigest.com, so look out for that.

I really am trying hard not to dwell on bad things, but I won’t lie, it kinda bothers me that I’m not a ladies’ man or anything. Not that I have aspirations of being a dog or player, but this being a loner thing is kinda overrated. Yet I never go anywhere to try and speak to women in person, which scares me and then I’m hiding behind a computer for lack of a better term trying to get to know women and hope they give me a chance. It’s a vicious cycle.

The guy who lives in the house where that blue Beetle I’ve been telling you all about sits was outside tonight as I finished my walk. I didn’t even bother to ask him if the Bug was for sale. This is right up there with me being reluctant to speak to women on the street. Terrible, man.

One of my favorite beats and rap songs from the last 5 years is “Baby don’t do it” by Freeway and Scarface. I can absolutely zone out to it and find myself putting on repeat as I’m writing this thoughts down.

I have drunk so much water since I started this food diary that I really feel like my system should be cleaned of all grease and such. I wouldn’t mind this being a habit. I’m already 10-plus month into a soda-free lifestyle, so if I can get used to drinking this much water on a regular basis, even better.

I’m probably going to watch the first generation Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon first season on my laptop when I finish this. I’m still a big kid at heart. Can’t help it.


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