Nobody is happier to the end of October than yours truly.

The 10th month of 2012 was highlighted by so much struggle and stress that I did not think I would be able to make it out alive.

Thankfully, the month ends today with All Hallows’ Eve and we can get the party jumping again in November. As I took my morning walk for the first time since Sunday (Hurricane Sandy and a slight head cold kept me indoors) I got the bright idea from Tara Jefferson over at The Young Mommy Life to blog my goals for the month ahead to remind myself to really get some work done.

I’ve decided to call this thing “Goalvember” because I’m cheesy and It’s easy to remember. Anyone who reads this should blog their goals for November as a reminder to try something new and learn a new skill, as I’m hoping to do, starting with:

– Learning how to create and build websites. Yes, I’m going to teach myself HTML and hopefully I don’t give myself a seizure or heart attack learning it all, but I feel this will help Stevens Communications & Consulting reach a broader base in terms of clients and customers if I’m able to do websites. This will be a big test of patience for me because I truly lack it most times.

– Finish my substitute teaching application. They need a TB test and a background check. Seems easy, but Delaware charges 69 damn dollars for a background check (WHY?) and I need to find a sliding scale doctor (self-employment struggle) for the TB test, so we’ll see how this develops.

– Sell my business more. Aside from the owner of my favorite cheesesteak place graciously placing my business cards at the checkout counter, I really haven’t done a lot of stumping for myself unless it’s been online. I need to do more things that say “Hey, I have this business that can help your business/brand/organization, you should try us out!” Easier said than done for a self-deprecating and shy introvert, but it needs to be done.

– Hoop. I have NOT shot a basketball in almost four years and for someone who loved the sport growing up, that’s embarrassing. Life got in the way, but even if I just go to the park to throw up some shots, I have to do it. I miss basketball. A lot.

– Double up on stretching and calisthenics. I only stretch and do 15 pushups before my morning walk, but I want to do more before I go to bed so I can be tired enough to sleep and work other parts of my body that can use the work. I’ve lost over 60 pounds and I feel great, but I need to start making it look good which means…the gym. Ugh.

– Cook something. I can make small dishes and foods, but I really want to learn real cooking as therapy, cheaper than eating out and the sense of accomplishment that comes with making something edible that people can enjoy.

– Continue working on my Delaware State University sports book. Finally got an outline done this month, but I need to get cracking on research and seeking out folks for interviews.

– Continue to work on myself, inside. The outside is coming together thankfully, but I still feel less than as a person and that is reflective in my interaction with people and my thoughts that I often verbalize. Hoping to find something good about myself and work on fixing the bad this coming month.

Happy Goalvember, everyone. Let’s get it.


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