The 2012 Letter, or “I really did that this year?”

Dear Chris,

2012 comes to an end later tonight and what a year it has been for you. You’ve done things you wanted to do, needed to do, but the things you meant to do and have to do are left undone. In the meantime, let’s recap.

Your biggest accomplishment this year was exercising and changing your diet. You willed yourself to walking again even with a bad foot and the results were amazing. You went from walking 15 minutes a morning to 25, from 25 minutes to 40, from 40 minutes to an hour and finally from an hour to two hours each day. You gave up foods you thought you couldn’t live without and lost a grand total of 80 pounds in a calendar year. You should really be proud of yourself, that is an incredible feat.

Professionally, you decided that journalism wasn’t where you wanted to be anymore (at least not at this time) and you decided to start your own business, even though you didn’t go into it full force like you should have. The last job stressed you out so bad that you had a serious twitch under your right eye for about six months. Notice how it disappeared when you quit? That means you made the right decision. As far as the business, you have to get serious about it. You need to network, you need to put yourself out there, you have to pretty much be aggressive. Not in your nature as we’re well aware, but you have to if you’re going to be successful.

Your podcast is now part of your business. You started it as a hobby two years ago (time has flown), but now it’s time to take it to the next level. Think of ways to keep your loyal core audience listening and invite some new folks in.

Personally, well, another year, another struggle. You did go to a cookout and kick it with people who you never met before and had a good time, but you still missed some opportunities. Summer concert series in Philly, going out just to go out…you didn’t do any of that. At this point, it’s really a case of (excuse my French) shit or get off the pot. You’ve lost weight, which you thought was a problem, so what’s the hold-up now? You have to be social not just for personal reasons, but for professional reasons (remember the business).

So let’s talk about what you need to work on in 2013. For starters, the sports book about your college alma mater that you were supposed to get crackin’ on 18 months ago. That book needs to be written. YOU have to write it. You HAVE to get it started. Start contacting people for interviews, start doing research, just get it done, PERIOD.

The vision board is something you need to finish soon. Spend New Year’s Eve reflecting, cleaning, etc. and then January 1st, hit the ground running with the vision board. It will help you if you see the things you want and then it will be a reminder to take the steps to make those things happens, regardless of how important or unimportant they may seem to others. It’s important to YOU.

You still have yet to feel anywhere close to decent about yourself and a lot of that might be due to the fact you still haven’t found someone to talk to about the depressive state you find yourself in on a regular basis. Make that happen. The sooner you can figure out what it is, the better off you’ll be.
Finally, just continue the diet and exercise. Clearly it makes you feel better so why not continue to do something that makes you happy?

All in all, 2012 was a year of taking risks on a small scale. Weight loss and quitting a job to start your own business are huge, but it’s still just the ground floor of what I think you’re capable of. If you set your mind to it and believe in yourself, not to mention get the hell out of your own way, you can have what you want and find a way to feel good about yourself, other people and life in general. That’s only if you decide to continue stepping out of the box the way you did in 2012. So try that. It’s worth it. And I think you’re worth it.




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