Bad Habits

Making good on a promise that I made a long time ago, this post is a story about a guy who almost ate himself to death.

Food had always been a source of comfort for the main character in this story. There would be something to upset him in his daily life – work, relationships (or lack thereof), feelings of self-hate – that prompted him to stuff his face with a various assortment of foods, ranging from multiple trips to greasy fast food restaurants in a week to a Fort Knox-sized stash of junk food and sweets around the house.

He did most of his dietary damage later in this week, because that’s when the stress would really bother him. Thursdays, he placated himself with 3 chicken sandwiches, 2 orders of large waffle fries and a strawberry milkshake from Chick Fil A. Friday nights he worked, so then it was usually some sugary cereal, several Tastykake lemon pies or whatever else caught his eye at the local Wawa. Saturday was chicken cheesesteak and fries day, then to cut the salty edge off, more sugar. Sunday was a mid-day trip to Auntie Anne’s for 3 pepperoni pretzels AND 3 raisin pretzels with glaze sauce.

He was ashamed of how bad he ate and how greedy he must’ve looked inhaling all of the food mentioned above, but emotional eating had been his escape from the stress of a low-paying job that took away all his free time. It was comfort for the pain of being lonely and feeling unworthy of being around people and/or dating. Last but certainly not least, it was feeding the self-destructive mentality that he continues to struggle with to this day.

But in late January of 2012, he decided to give up Chick Fil A and Auntie Anne’s for the month of February just to see if he could go without it for a month and to save money. Turns out, he could go more than a month. In fact, hasn’t had a bite of either entity since. He’s also been off of sodas for 15 months.

Currently his diet consists of water, fruit, Rice Krispies with vanilla almond milk and various cold cuts and healthier alternatives for dinner. Although, he rewards himself with chicken cheesesteak and fries on Saturday still. Improvement takes time.

The guy who once almost ate himself to death has lost 85 pounds since changing his diet and beginning an exercise routine and hopefully he doesn’t look back. Because he was really living on the edge.  

Now, he seems to be living right.


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