Updates and such

I haven’t had the focus or the patience to blog about one particular subject or happening this month. Part of that is stress, part of that is hustle and part of it is just…writer’s block. Well, not even writer’s block, just certain subjects escape me, but I did want to update everyone who follows this blog on what’s what.

I’m selling t-shirts now. That’s right, my pet project, the All Subjects Everything podcast now has a sharp logo (designed by me surprisingly enough) and now you can buy t-shirts from ASETshirts.spreadshirt.com. We have shirts up to 2XL for men and women, so feel free to poke around the site and hopefully something catches your eye.

The weight loss/life changes thing is still in full effect. I think I’ve plateaued in terms of losing weight all wild, but right now at 250-260 pounds, I feel better about myself than I have in years. I still have feelings of inadequacy and being undesirable related to my appearance, but I still feel better now that I’ve reached my primary goal of getting under 300 pounds and I hope to stay there.

I really need to come to a decision about whether I’m going to stay in Delaware or not, so more than likely I’ll be seeking opinions on where to go and/or what to do through a blog post and possibly a poll soon. I know there’s nothing here for me anymore but I’m not sure I’d thrive anywhere else, so it’s just preliminary thought and planning.

Speaking of thoughts and planning, I’m thinking about a book project about first cars and worst cars, so if you have a story you want to share about your first car or the worst car you ever drove (cars from the 60s, 70s and 80s preferred), shoot me an e-mail at chris.stevens2007@gmail.com.

That’s pretty much all I have for now, but hopefully I can process some thoughts into paragraphs on one topic soon. I miss blogging like that for you guys and myself. In the meantime, plenty of jewels in this post, so save them and hopefully we can help each other out.


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