Sundress Season Soundtrack

Sundress season is upon us now, that glorious time of year where women eschew heavier clothing for sundresses and maxi dresses that flatter their forms and leave us menfolk wide eye and drooling…well some of y’all cats drool. I can control my mouth.

That being said, along with it being Black Music Month, it’s only right that I share 10 songs (in no particular order) that in my opinion make up a dope soundtrack for the guys observing the women in sundresses and the ladies who feel and look their best in sun/maxi-dresses.

Something about that woman,” Lakeside, 1982: One of their era’s underrated funk bands, the homies from Dayton, Ohio created a masterpiece about a woman who stops traffic wherever she goes, as evidenced by the song’s appearance in Harold & Kumar 2.

That Lady, Parts 1 and 2,” The Isley Brothers, 1973: A remake of one of their earlier Motown songs, “That Lady” was funked and rocked up for their first ever 3+3 line-up album and it sold like gangbusters.

Fat Bottomed Girls,” Queen, 1978: Sir Mix-A-Lot said it: Even white boys gotta shout. Freddie Mercury and the gang appreciated the power of the booty long before Mix-A-Lot or anyone else in rap, saying that Fat Bottom Girls “make the rockin world go ‘round.” In more ways than one, they sure do. Especially in sundresses.

Slow Down,” Bobby Valentino, 2005: I was torn about putting this on the list, because listening a little closer, it’s actually a street harassment song. Hidden meaning aside, the beat is absolutely tailored for spring and summer and we’ve all seen a woman that we just want to watch walk in slow motion, if she’s not already.

Candy,” Cameo, 1986: One of the best songs of the 1980s, Cameo crafted a feel-good song for any season, but it really thrives during sundress season, when a woman in a sundress is just as sweet as can be.

Freakum Dress,” Beyonce, 2006: Apparently, every woman has that one dress that inspires confidence within and serious admiration from others. On her second solo album B-Day, Mrs. Carter dubbed it a “Freakum Dress” and the rest as they say, is history. You can’t go to any club or party without at least one lady singing “Freakum Dress.” That’s a good thing.

The Men All Pause,” Klymaxxx, 1984: The breakout single from the first urban girl funk band, the ladies of Klymaxxx made it so that every guy in the room stopped what they were doing when they walked in. 29 years later, it still holds true as a confident, attractive woman can walk in and light up any room.

Southern Girl,” Maze ft. Frankie Beverly, 1981: We get region specific with one of the great all time “ode to the South” anthems in R&B, where Frankie makes it plain that below the Mason-Dixon line is where the girls are fine.

Call Me,” Skyy, 1981: While the lyrics are proof positive that dirty macking can be a woman’s game also, the vibe is flirty and playful, perfect things to describe a woman who knows she’s got it going on in her sundress or maxi-dress.

That Girl,” Stevie Wonder, 1982: A little slower groove, but the message remains the same. Stevie’s infatuation with this woman who keeps him at a distance is something every man can relate to, especially if you see her walking down the street, and she’s not just another woman. She becomes “That Girl.”

So what are some of your favorite songs that remind you of Sundress Season? Hit the comments and I will add the suggestions to my Spotify playlist dedicated to this very topic.


One thought on “Sundress Season Soundtrack

  1. Maybe this one is too obvious, or too obscure, but “Sundress” by the Phat Cat Players? He says what a lot of men are thinking when it comes to women in sundresses.

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