Self Published Epilogue

I'm Feelin' That - High Resolution - Version 1


It’s a weird feeling I have right now – it’s one of accomplishment and pride, but at the same time, one of nervousness and fear.

Yes, I finally got a book done and published – I’m Feelin That! Stories of Love, Life and Lessons Learned is available here for Kindle users at a low cost of $5 and I honestly feel like my work is worth the purchase and download, but I’m faced with a crossroads. I really want to do this writing thing full-time. Fictional novels, a historical book here and there, but I’m unsure if I can do it.

As you all know, my contract at my previous job wasn’t renewed, so I’ve spent two months pouring myself into this book and the early returns have been promising. I’m encouraged, but the fear of prolonged struggle has me hesitant to jump all the way in. I’m still looking for a day time job, but I’d rather do this full-time instead. The financial gains haven’t started yet, and I really didn’t expect to on the first book, but I feel like I’m finally doing the writing I want to do and I’m confident that this writing can pay off and that people will enjoy it.

So I guess I’m just rambling here because I’m updating my website with the book info and other stuff to brand myself as an author, writer, blogger and podcaster because this is what I want to do. But will the reality of bills and need of a vehicle (my Dodge Stratus kicked the bucket Memorial Day weekend) force me back into a workforce that only serves to annoy me? Only time will tell.
But for now, I’m so proud of this book and myself for getting it done. So a quick FAQ session with answers.

It’s a fictional book, so no, nobody’s personal life was harmed in the making of this novella.

There are 12 separate stories, ranging from mental illness struggle to charting a lifelong friendship to finding love and facing your fears and learning to pick yourself up.

It’s not overly vulgar, although there are allusions to sex here and there. Scant references to violence also.

It’s 190 pages long, so you get a lot for the price of President Lincoln I think.

Mostly, it’s my pride and joy, the best I’ve felt about a project in quite some time. Mainly because I finished it. It’s my thoughts, my imagination, my words and my book. And I’m happy to present it to the world.


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