2014’s Letter Or “The end of the beginning”

Dear Chris,

2014 is just about finished, so as per the custom, let’s take a look back at the year that was.

You started the year with a job that looked promising but turned out to be a dead end. It happens. But a couple of good things DID come from that job.

1. You heard a former news correspondent’s keynote speech that helped you understand your road is yours alone to take.

2. You learned some marketing and PR stuff which could help with one of your side hustles.

3. The anger of your contract not being renewed inspired you to do something you always wanted to do – write a book.

The book, yes. Two months of writing and editing and learning what it would take to publish an e-book and you did it. It’s a start, a great start, but now you have to continue to push yourself and your art to the next level, so in 2015, you have to write. No excuses.

Write something every day. Force yourself to write and let the imagination come in when necessary. You’ve proven you’ve still got it when it comes to creative writing, so it’s time to pursue this avenue with all the focus and passion you can muster up. It could be the start of something special.

Personally, you’re still fighting for your personal space and some peace of mind. It’s hard work, but at least you’re fighting. You owe it to yourself to create the life that you want. Even if it means cutting some dead weight out of your life, it’s always necessary. You haven’t been afraid to do so before, but just be mindful of who really does have your best interest at heart – there are people out there who care and are willing to help.

You’re still exercising daily, which is great, but your food choices leave a LOT to be desired. You need to fix that. Keep experimenting in the kitchen and at some point, you gotta realize having 32 sweet teeth is NOT healthy.

So here’s what we need to do in 2015:

WRITE WRITE WRITE – Create your stories and see what you can flesh out into your next literary project. Knowing you, it’s gonna be something great, but it only happens if you make it happen.

Cut down on the sweets – sounds easy, but it’s gonna take some time and some willpower.

Open yourself up to new experiences – you were supposed to go to concerts and sporting events last year solo and you did none of that. Time to change that. Also, try to work in some travel – there’s more to the world than Wilmington, Delaware.

Hobbies – you still want to start working on a project car, so find a VW Beetle body shell, buy a keyboard and teach yourself to play, SOMETHING. Figure it out. You’ve got to have something else to entertain you and keep you busy when writing isn’t enough.

Lastly – Let’s work on being kinder to Chris in 2015. You’ve been hard on yourself forever. You’ve always said that you’re beating people to the punch when you criticize yourself, but maybe that’s why people don’t get as close to you and your dating life is, let’s be honest, non-existent. You have to be good to yourself before you even think about being good to someone else, so let’s start affirming Chris. Be your biggest fan and everything else should fall into place.

So enjoy New Year’s Eve. Reflect, put together your vision board and kill those bottles of Sparkling Cider you have in the fridge. Because come January 1, 2015, it’s time to work, play, live and enjoy life.




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