I’ve been searchin…

For so long…nobody like you…is nowhere to be found…

(Bonus points to anyone who can name that tune!)

Seriously, as I’ve gotten more serious about and focused on my creative writing career, I’ve learned in my Twitter travels and rubbing elbows with other enterprising scribes (thanks Eliza, Tamara and Tish) that you need more sets of eyes aside from your own before you put something out for potentially the entire world to see.

That’s been something I’ve been slow to act on because I’m very guarded about things I hold dear, and that includes whatever novel or short story I might be working on at the time. However, as 2017 is proving to be a year of “you better do it before you can’t do it anymore,” consider this my personal ad looking for beta readers. It reads as follows:

Bashful, shy, socially introverted novelist type seeks willing beta readers for various literary projects. Must be open-minded, detail-oriented and brutally honest. Apply within.

So yes, I’m putting myself and my work out there. I’m ready for beta readers because I crave honest opinions and I want to be a better writer. So if you have the eyes, the time and the honesty, shoot me an e-mail at chris.stevens2007@gmail.com or you can find me cutting up on Twitter @CJWritesNThangs. Hopefully we become a match!

…Or you can just tell me what you think about my writing. Yeah. Awkward Mamba Out.



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