Do you know what today is?

Spring and Summer 2014 was a rough time for me (you can go back through the archives here to see allusions to back me up) – I was being pushed out of a job, my car died and personal/family issues set me back so far I’m still trying to recover from them to this very day. Two things I always had though – my laptop and the desire to write. I had played around with writing a novel before, but the anger, depression and overall hopelessness 2014 had given me so far was enough fuel that I wrote 11 short stories in literally six days.

That was the beginning of my self-publishing journey, my short story collection I’m Feelin’ That, and the encouraging feedback I got from the e-book version inspired me to keep going. As I begin work on Book Number Six (and a short story submission which I’m super excited about), I’m celebrating my 3-year indie author anniversary by making I’m Feelin’ That and my first novel Brothers Lunchin’ FREE on Amazon Kindle all weekend long.

Click on the books tab of this site to find the Amazon link to each book, then just hit that 1-Click and you’re in there.

Also, reviews are very important to us indie authors, so when you read and Amazon e-mails you asking you do you want to review – please do. Rate it as many stars between 1 and 5 as you like and write a small review.

If you thought it was great? Write about it.

If you thought it sucked? Write about it.

If you thought it was aiiiiiight? Write about it.

In the three years I’ve written and self-published books, I’ve learned a lot, made some friends in words and fulfilled some smaller dreams. I’m still hopeful that my work will find a wide audience because hey, I’d be lying if I said I was doing this just for the hell of it. I love writing with all my heart, but at the same time…kinda want the perks that come with it. It’s the sneaky Libra ego at work.

For right now though, I’m very happy with seeing my name on a book cover, seeing family and close acquaintances supporting my work and the sense of completion and accomplishment having books out there provides. Not to mention I have stories to tell. So no matter how stressful the process is, I keep writing, because trusting the process is more important sometimes than the actual process itself.

And three years really isn’t that long of a time, so the process is just beginning.


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