I’m Feelin’ That! is a collection of 12 short stories that tell tales of true friendship, betrayal, lust, mental illness, family secrets and much more. Each story of course has a moral (or two) and the characters learn many lessons about life and love.


Brothers Lunchin’ follows the adventures and wild misadventures of lifelong friends Kelvin “Stack” Stackhouse, Brian Foster, Jamal DeSales and Steven Jones as they meet for lunch once a week to talk about their journeys to the land of 30something. From Stack’s love drought to Brian’s newfound romance, from Jamal’s harshly learned lessons to Steven’s troubling past, the Four Amigos work through their trials and tribulations separately – and together, as brothers.


Miracles Need Wings To Fly is the story of college professor Scott Duncan making his first trip home in over 10 years for the Christmas holiday. Resentful of his parents and somewhat estranged from his siblings, Scott finds out how much can change over the course of a decade.


Becoming Dexter, Hunting Shawn is the first novel in a series that follows the life of Shawn Gilliam, starting with the summer of 1991, where he discovers sex and a steady paycheck along with struggles of heartache, being forced to grow up and the decline of his beloved East Side neighborhood in Wilmington, Delaware.


When Innocence Becomes Experience is a short story compilation filled with romantic and erotic stories with themes of curiosity, vulnerability and exploration. The would-be lovers in these stories learn that B isn’t always next after A and that taking a chance can often lead to good times and memorable experiences.